Project One Inc. Int'l

NGO-Member of Economic & Social Counsel to the United Nations.
Enhancing the World one Child and one Senior at a time, from “Start to Finish.

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 Dr. J. Scott Moore, Dr. T. L. Lowery, Ms. Helene H. Oord meet and greet with the United Secretary Ban Ki-Moon


Dr. J. Scott & Tracy Moore, Founders of  Project One Inc.


Project One Inc. United Nations  Magazine


UN MAG0001 Proj One                   UN MAG0002 Proj One        UN MAG0003 Proj One


UN MAG0004 Proj One                   UN MAG0005 Proj One        UN MAG0006 Proj One


UN MAG0007 Proj One                   UN MAG0008 Proj One        UN MAG0009 Proj One


UN MAG0010 Proj One                    UN MAG0011 Proj One

Letter of Engagement to Ms. Helene H. Oord

Project One NGO letter of engagement H.H. Oord Jan 2015



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